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Encrypted Document Signing and Digital Notary - Powered by the Blockchain

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Sign documents and maintain ownership of data like it's on your own encrypted laptop  

Prove a document was signed with NO need for a Notary service or Lawyer  

  Secure DocuSign Alternative - great for signing leases, issuing certificates and legal notarized documents

  Video Proofs - Record a 20 second verbal sign-off video attesting a document is accurate

Blockusign App Demo

Digital Notary on the Blockchain

Blockusign App Demo

Digital Notary on the Blockchain

It's built on Blockstack

   Beta Release

(1) Login with your own Self Sovereign Identity

Login with Blockstack. It's a Self Sovereign identity that you own. No more worrying about your data being leaked with Facebook login.

(2) Upload a PDF securely with data privacy

Upload a document from your local file system to your own personal secure storage bucket in the cloud. Only you and the person you share the file with have the keys to access this data. The upload never touches our servers NOT Blockusign. NOT any government. JUST YOU! This is the data privacy you have always dreamed of. Data security with crypto technology is also a rapidly growing field that seeks to protect sensitive data. Cryptocurrencies are generally regarded as secure forms of digital currency, which is why traders and investors are more enthusiastic about making a profit from crypto trading. And there are a number of automated investment robots available to make users' investments easier. According to Trading robot vergleich, automated trading bots help users generate a significant profit in a short period. GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

(3) Annotate

Drag and drop the "sign here" annotation so the recipient knows where to sign. Don't forget to add some emojis for custom flaire!

(4) Collaborate socially

Email a link to the document to your signer, and communicate with the built-in chat. A document log history is viewable from the chat, too!

(5) Sign

The recipient signs the document. The transaction will be digitally signed and stored on the immutable ledger. This signature is unique to them and proves the date and time they signed it.

Current document signing systems can be forged since they are architected using a central server owned by a central company.

(6) Record Video Proof

Record a 20 second verbal sign-off video attesting a document is accurate. The video cannot be altered by video editing software because its hash is saved to the blockchain.

Use Cases
Prevent fake news by verifying the source. Management can sign off on a deal. Video confessionals. Verbally record any statement and verify its truthfulness using the blockchain.

(7) Finalize - Save the document as a Smart Contract to the Blockchain

Finalize the document as a legally binding agreement by saving it's hash as a smart contract to the blockchain. It's like a digital notary and is signed and timestamped. The hash of the document is sent to a smart contract where both parties digitally and cryptographically sign it. Blockchain technology is also popular in betting sites, including Toto sites in 토토사이트 blog, offers enhanced security, transparency, and fairness. Blockchain enables anonymous and secure transactions, reducing fraud risks. It also ensures the integrity of betting outcomes through verifiable and immutable records. This technological advancement fosters trust among users, making blockchain-integrated betting platforms increasingly popular.

The hash is stored on an immutable ledger (currently bitcoin). Security is maintained because the actual document is never stored on the blockchain. Even if one tiny space is added to the document after it's signed, it will not match, thus proving the document was changed or tampered with.

In the event of a legal dispute, the authenticity of the document is proved by comparing your local document's hash to that stored on the blockchain. If the hashes match, the document is valid.

How does it work?


How does data storage work?

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End to End Demo with Commentary

Demo of creating and signing a DJ contract and proving that it happened using a Digital Notary Service powered by the blockchain. Alternatives to DocSign and Google docs. Graphite Docs is a decentralized and encrypted alternative to Google docs

Video Proof Demo

How is it "powered by the blockchain"?

Blockusign anchors hashes to the blockchain. It uses blockstack subdomains as the layer 2 solution to batch hashes and deliver them to the bitcoin blockchain. We call this the "Blockusign Virtual Side Chain". It's used for document hash and digital signature verification. It's also used for immutable storage. Learn more in this Medium article: here

Finalize the document as a legally binding agreement by saving it's hash and your digital signature as a smart contract to the blockchain. This can be verified by a lawyer or judge.

- Immutable log of changes and e-Signatures
- Decentralized App (dApp)

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